High End Antique Furniture in San Diego

Design your space with exquisite, intricate antique home furniture that showcase your personality. Browse our online furniture collection or schedule an appointment to view our large pieces and decide if they fit into the theme you want.

Cabinets, Consoles, and Curios

From tall wardrobes to smaller side consoles, these cabinets will maximize your space while adding more textures into your interior design. Our inventory consists of French, Chinese, Victorian, Italian, and Old World styles. Predominantly made from hardwood, the pieces have withstood years and are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Dining Tables and Chairs

These fine antique furniture hail from as early as the Regency and Biedermeier periods. The wood and upholstery are restored to stay true to their original condition. Combining masterful craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and a rich history, these chairs and tables are the perfect statement pieces for your dining area.

Office Desks and Occasional Tables

Whether you want a utilitarian office desk or a decorative occasional table, these high-end antique furniture pieces add to your home’s functionality and aesthetic quality. The detailing can range from ornate to uncomplicated. These pieces inject a flair of elegance into your interior design.


Vintage seats, such as settees, armchairs, and chairs are more than just furniture pieces. The upholstery patterns, woodwork, colors, and textures add a new silhouette to your space without dismissing function. Choose from our selection of Dutch, English, French, and Italian styles according to your overarching theme.