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Old World and European Cabinets in San Diego

Vintage cabinets do more than add function to your home. From majestic, two-door wardrobes to small side consoles, cabinets maximize the space inside your home while giving it more character. The intricate detailing on the surface, particular to different design movements, add textures into your interior design.

Although mostly made from hardwood, antique cabinets acquire scratches and buffs that lower their value and aesthetic quality. The Chapman Collection carefully selects well-crafted pieces to ensure they would last lifetimes. We personally source our cabinets, consoles, and curios from around the world to ensure their authenticity.

Plus, our restoration service breathes new life into dated furniture to bring back their original condition without sacrificing faithfulness to the style.

Browse our curated collection of antique cabinets in San Diego through our online shop. Our large pieces are available for viewing as well. Simply call or email us to schedule an appointment.