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Antique Dining Tables and Chairs in San Diego

Tables are the oldest form of furniture, next to chairs. As such, they are of often key elements in particular styles, eras, and designers. You have a wealth of options when it comes to antique and vintage dining tables, ranging from different design movements. However, overpriced, poorly constructed reproductions and married pieces have grown rampant on the market, making it difficult to spot the authentic ones.

The Chapman Collection helps customers look for the unique, authentic antique dining tables in San Diego. Proprietor Melissa Chapman has been in the antiques industry all her life, she has developed a sharp eye for scrutinizing vintage pieces. The Chapman Collection aims to help you find the perfect classic table to complement your more modern furnishing for an old-meets-new theme.

Choose from a selection of European style dining tables and chairs in our online shop. Call or email us to set an appointment for a private viewing of larger furniture pieces.