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Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Confirmation of Order

Once you online order has been completed someone from The Chapman Collection will contact you within 24 hours by telephone or email to confirm your order and go over your Delivery options. It is understood that all of our pieces are 1 off unique pieces and that all the items featured in our online store are also for sale in our Retail Store in UTC. So while we are usually good at updating Sold items to our online store, there is a small chance that there was a delay with the upload and that your item is actually sold. So in this unlikely event, someone from The Chapman Collection will notify you within 24 hours to let you know and provide you with some alternative options or a full refund.

Shipping and Delivery
Once you receive your Confirmation of Order email from The Chapman Collection you will see it will address your shipping needs. We should already have your shipping details from your online order so we will be able to give you some shipping options. If you delivery is within the San Diego area (up to 45 mins from our UTC Store location) we can offer you FREE delivery (where available ) at our next available delivery time slot usually within 48 hours. If however you want your piece(s) delivered outside of San Diego (another City, State, Country etc) we will organize a quote through a reputable 3rd Party Shipper that we have used for a long time. We will present you with this quote and if accepted by you, we will add the quoted cost to your order and charge your credit card provided for your online order. We will then coordinate with the 3rd party shipper and you for your delivery of your piece(s).  The Chapman Collection will assist with the whole process, but it is noted and hereby agreed that once your piece(s) has been picked up by the 3rd party shipper then it is up to you to communicate with them directly with any questions you may have on the shipping. All shipping responsibilities will lie with the 3rd Parry Shipper and yourselves.

Delivery Date
Once The Chapman Collection contacts you to confirm your order; they will also give you an estimated delivery date and time. It should be note these times are estimated and could be subject to change. However you would be notified of any such changed.

All sales are final
The Chapman Collection pride themselves on keeping clients happy, with that said on our online orders sales are final.

If you have any further questions please contact us at telephone:  858-886-7999 or email [email protected] where we look forward to assisting you.

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